Author Topic: MFF Top Ten! #6 - All About Our Charity  (Read 1462 times)


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MFF Top Ten! #6 - All About Our Charity
« on: November 07, 2012, 12:11:58 PM »
There's just nine days remaining until Opening Ceremonies of Midwest FurFest! Today, for #6 of the Midwest FurFest Top Ten, we want to talk about a topic near and dear to our hearts: Our Charity.

As many of you know, Midwest FurFest is a production of Midwest Furry Fandom, Inc., a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation. Being a 501(c)3 means that a big part of our reason for being is to raise money for related charities. Over the years, Midwest FurFest has raised almost $125,000 for various organizations. Not only have we made those organizations very happy, every year we hear from our charities that they had such a wonderful time spending the weekend with such friendly and caring folks! In fact, keep an eye out for an appearance by our charity from 2008, Rainbow Animal Assisted Therapy, as they stop by the Hyatt to say hello to old friends and introduce their charges to more furry friends.

For our charity this year we are pleased to welcome Felines & Canines. They are a no-kill shelter for dogs and cats on the north side of Chicago in the Edgewater neighborhood. They have recently expanded their facility to handle up to 200 cats and kittens and 20 dogs and puppies. They provide a safe and loving shelter to abandoned, injured, abused, and neglected animals until their permanent adoptive home is found. They strengthen the human/animal relationship through counseling, education, and compassion.

How can you help Felines & Canines? We have a couple of ways, actually. First up, we will have a Charity Auction at 2 PM on Saturday. We welcome your donations of items to be auctioned (instructions and guidelines can be found at, and be sure to come to the auction itself, where our volunteer auctioneer Uncle Kage will be sure to make it an amusing event for all!

You can also participate in our Charity Poker Tournament throughout the weekend, with sessions on Friday and Saturday leading up to the championship round on Sunday. Remember, all proceeds from the tournament go toward Felines & Canines, and the winner gets a Sponsorship to Midwest FurFest 2013!

At 11 PM on Saturday, you can join Uncle Kage and 2 the Ranting Gryphon for a late-night, no-holds-barred charity performance. Remember that you don't have to pay to see the performance, but donations made during the show will be very much appreciated!

Finally, you can stop by Felines & Canines' table at any time during the weekend to meet some of their dogs and cats, talk with their staff about their organization and mission, and donate money to them there. They will be located in the Entry Level Foyer next to the Internet Room on Friday morning and afternoon, and then they will move across from the Info Desk near Grand Ballroom for the rest of the weekend. We urge you to visit with their dedicated staff, and take some time to pet the kitties and puppies!

That's all we have for today! Tune in tomorrow, same bat time, same bat channel, for #5 in the Midwest FurFest Top Ten!