Author Topic: MFF Top Ten! #2 - Volunteers and Midwest FurFest  (Read 1051 times)


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MFF Top Ten! #2 - Volunteers and Midwest FurFest
« on: November 13, 2012, 11:43:28 AM »
Great googly moogly! Opening Ceremonies for Midwest FurFest is just three days away! We'd better hurry up and get the Midwest FurFest Top Ten over with so we can get this convention started! Today we need to talk about something incredibly important. #2 in the Top Ten is Volunteers and Midwest FurFest.

Pretty much everyone knows that Midwest FurFest, like all other furry conventions, is a volunteer organization. What does that really mean, though? This means that our staff - all 175+ of them - are giving up their weekend (and several days before and after) to bring Midwest FurFest to life. That sounds like a lot of people, doesn't it? And yet when you spread them out over 22 departments and 80,000 square feet of function space you start to realize that this doesn't even begin to cover all of the needs of the convention.

And this is where you come in. Every year we need the help of dozens and dozens of folks to handle a lot of the fundamental tasks that make the convention happen. No, they're not always glamorous - you could be checking badges as people enter the Dealers Den, or serving sodas to furries in the Con Suite, or helping to carry Art Show equipment to the truck - but they are tasks that, without them, Midwest FurFest simply would not be the amazing success that it is. So we would love your help!

You can stop by the Volunteers/Info Desk at any time and sign up to be a volunteer. All you'll need to do is fill out a form, and then you will be given a sheet to track your volunteer hours. Why track your hours? Because after ten volunteer hours, you will have earned a free membership to Midwest FurFest 2013! Also, any hours put in before Opening Ceremonies or after Closing Ceremonies (or overnight shifts) count double.

The Volunteers/Info Desk will be located in the Rosemont Foyer (right by the Internet Room) on Thursday and until 4 PM on Friday, and then it will be located at the Grand Registration Desk, right across from our charity and on the way to Grand Ballroom. Stop by and talk to Ford Shepherd or any of his staff, and they will be happy to tell you more about what help is needed and how you can help make Midwest FurFest ever more awesome!

The convention is just about to start, and we just have one more entry to go in the Midwest FurFest Top Ten! What will it be? You'll find out tomorrow morning, bright and early! Tune in then.